Academic Scheduling

COVID-19 Policies

PennOpen Pass: A valid GREEN PennOpen Pass is required to access Wharton buildings.

Masks: Masks are required at all times and in all locations inside Wharton buildings, unless you are actively eating in a designated “Eating Zone.” Approved eating zones have been designated inside Wharton buildings. In these locations, individuals may remove their mask while actively eating. A full list of eating zones can be found here. (Note: locations are subject to change as needed)

Eating and Drinking: Indoor eating can only take place in Wharton buildings within designated eating zones. Eating is prohibited in all classrooms, conference rooms, group study rooms, auditoriums, and public spaces, although drinking with a straw under your mask is acceptable. Following University guidance, it is also recommended that pre-packaged meals (rather than buffets or open serve options) be utilized where possible when food is being provided.

Visitors: Starting September 13, all visitors to campus must complete a PennOpen Campus pass: This pass will collect contact information, require a symptom check to produce a green pass, and will have a vaccination attestation.

Academic scheduling for all Wharton courses is handled by Wharton Operations via the University Registrar’s Student Record System (SRS). Core Undergraduate and MBA courses are scheduled first, followed by all others. Faculty and staff are advised to work through their Academic Coordinator, who will work with the Associate Director of Scheduling to schedule classrooms, make changes, and handle other academic scheduling and classroom concerns.

Midterms and Final Exams

Midterms and final examinations take precedence over all other meetings and special events scheduled at Wharton. Final examinations are scheduled through the Registrar’s Office according to the time block in which the course is taken; Wharton Operations adheres to the Provost’s rules governing final exams. During the final examination period all Wharton classrooms are made available to the Registrar’s Office for exam scheduling.  Departments are highly advised to avoid placing space requests during the final exam period as rooms will not be confirmed until two weeks prior to the start of the exam period.

Academic coordinators can coordinate scheduling midterm examinations any time after the Advance Registration Period for the respective semester has ended. Wharton Operations maintains a midterm exam calendar for the school; academic coordinators are advised to review the calendar prior to discussing exam dates with Faculty to avoid student conflicts and dates that have already been scheduled with an exam.  Departments should submit an online room request for exams.

Reading Days

After the last day of classes, room requests will be accepted only from faculty and staff and only for academic-related events. Room requests made by students and clubs during this period will not be accepted. All rooms are locked immediately following the end of scheduled events.

During reading days and final exams, additional classrooms are made available for quiet study. You can check the location of these classrooms on the display screens located throughout the Wharton campus or on SPIKE.

Group Study Rooms

Wharton academic departments may request Group Study Rooms for in-class breakout sessions by submitting a room request online. There is a limit of 12 rooms per time-block for all Group Study Room requests.

If more than 12 rooms are required please email to see if alternate classroom space is available during the requested date/time-block.

Note: Group Study Rooms cannot be reserved for in-class break out sessions during the last two weeks of the semester so that the rooms are available for students to work on final projects. Group study rooms cannot be reserved by departments during Reading Days or the final exam period.

Group Study Rooms cannot be reserved for conferences or special events as they are for Wharton student group study and project work only.