For Wharton Faculty and Staff

Wharton Faculty and staff can schedule classrooms, conference rooms, and special events space by submitting an online room request.

Room Reservation Process

Only organizations directly affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania are permitted to reserve space within the Wharton campus. Academic scheduling, to include finals, mid-terms and reading days receive priority scheduling.  For additional information regarding academic scheduling please visit our academic scheduling page. Annual University-wide events such as, but not limited to New Student Orientations, Family Weekend, Homecoming, Alumni Weekend and Commencement exercises will be scheduled in advance of any special event or conference requests.

Faculty and staff can submit online room requests via the Operations website and access both the 8th floor and the mid-term exam calendars from the same location. Please note that our system has been updated to use PennKey login in lieu of your Wharton username and password.

Effective for the fall 2017 term, Wharton departmental requests will need to be submitted 3-business days (72-business hours) in advance of the event date to allow for processing.  Note that last minute/same day requests will be considered for academic needs only.  To communicate same day requests for an academic program please call the Wharton Operations Customer Support Center at 215-898-2575.

Types of Requests

From the online room request form Wharton Faculty and Staff can make the following types of requests in a single form:

  • Classroom space
  • Midterm Exam space (final exams continue to be scheduled by the Registrar’s Office)
  • Group study rooms (reservations are for in class breakout sessions only and require a course number)
  • Computer Labs
  • Telepresence space
  • Special Events
  • Reception Space and the 8th floor

Wharton Operations will review the space request and will send a confirmation via email after review and processing have been completed.  To inquire about your request, provide additional details regarding your request or to cancel your request please reply to the confirmation email that you received.

Updates & Cancellations:

  • The best practice to communicate changes, updates and/or to cancel your reservation is to reply to the confirmation email that Wharton Operations sent you confirming the space for your meeting or event.  If you cannot find your confirmation email you can view a list of your requests via the room request website under “View My Requests”.  From that list you can select the reservation you would like to change, update or cancel by clicking on the email icon, which will auto fill an email to Wharton Operations that contains the specific reservation number for your event.  You can also send and email to with the details of your inquiry, day/time change or notice of cancellation.
  • Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation of space.  If you need to cancel your reservation less than 24 hours before your event you will need to call the Wharton Operations Customer Support Center at 215-898-2575.
  • For inquires regarding special events, receptions and conferences please forward the confirmation email that Wharton Operations sent you to with the details of your inquiry.

Special Events

The Wharton Campus has several event spaces within our buildings for academic conferences, receptions, and other events. It is recommended that reservations for special events be placed as far in advance as possible for planning purposes and to avoid conflicts with other events that are being planned. Please review the special events reservation process prior to placing your request, additional information regarding Wharton campus policies can be found here.