Tangen Hall



Emergency Info

Building Area of Refuge
Primary: South Side of Sansom Street, in rear of Radian
Secondary: North Side of Sansom Street, 100’ east of the building

Recommended Relocation Site
Primary: Rodin College House
Secondary: Class of 1920 Dining Commons

Shelter-in-Place Area
Core Interior Rooms- Core Interior Rooms – Floors 2 through 6


115 S. 40th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Tangen Hall was completed in 2020 by KSS Architects. The building provides Wharton with two seminar rooms, a colloquium space, a market space, a food experimentation lab, student venture pods, and offices throughout the building for Wharton staff.

Download the complete list of emergency procedures for the Tangen Hall.

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