Get Involved!

There are many opportunities for Wharton community members to explore sustainability concepts and engage in environmental programs, initiatives and reflect on their environmental impact.

Upcoming Events

The Penn Sustainability Office also has an event page that lists green events all around the campus.

Programs at Penn

Penn Eco-Rep Program

Penn Eco-Reps is an environmental leadership program that promotes sustainable lifestyles across Penn’s communities.  Select students, faculty, and staff work with campus stakeholders and within their departments and offices to develop educational events, activities, and campaigns aimed at supporting the University’s environmental goals and Climate Action Plan.  Eco-Reps represent an environmental consciousness and challenge their peers to adopt a culture of sustainability.

Wharton Green Teams

The Wharton Green Team is a compilation of volunteer employees representative of a individual departments seeking to find sustainable solutions to everyday issues within the school’s environment.  Together they meet once a quarter to brainstorm potential sustainable projects that will raise awareness to the Wharton community. Contact the Wharton Sustainability Office for more information.

Green Office Certification Program

Offices represent a significant portion of campus energy and material use and waste production. The Green Campus Partnership recognizes the efforts of staff and faculty to green their daily activities by offering four levels of Green Office Certification.

Join other Wharton departments in becoming a certified Green Office!

Wharton Student Sustainability Advisory Board

The SSAB is a student led Board to inspire leadership and innovation by advising and advocating student entrepreneurs with sustainability-related initiatives focused on operations. The Board meets monthly to set goals, develop communication, outreach and means to leverage the program, evaluate projects which meet a set sustainable and social impact agenda and select a venture to pilot within Wharton Operations.

Contact for more information.

Sustainable Ideas and Tips

Penn Green Fund

Have an sustainable idea that Penn should consider? The Penn Green Fund is designed to seed innovative ideas in environmental sustainability from Penn students, faculty, and staff. Feel free to fill out their application to potentially receive a grant to fund your eco-friendly idea.

Weekend and Holiday Energy Saving Tips

Leaving your office? Whether just for a meeting, the night or a long break, follow Penn Sustainability’s easy energy saving tips.