SHDH Perimeter Radiator System Valve Fitting Replacement

SHDH experienced several flood events after piping changes were made to support the perimeter radiation system last summer. After an extensive investigation by the design team and contractor it was determined that the fittings on the valves/connections should be modified. This work will need to take place in each perimeter office. Faculty and staff can continue to work in the rooms affected during the modification process. The construction work is to begin Monday, July 6th with all work concluding on Friday,  August 21st; all activity will be occurring on 2nd shift (7 p.m. – 5 a.m.). This effort will require furniture and items to be pulled away/removed from the perimeter heating units (window area) in every perimeter office and conference area. Please reference the planned work schedule below:

Week 1 July 6th – July 10th SHDH 3rd floor perimeter.
Week 2 July 9th – July 17th SHDH 2000, 2100, 2200 Suites.
Week 3 July 16 th – July 22nd SHDH 2300 Suite
Week 4 July 21 – July 28th SHDH 2400 Suite
Week 5 July 28th – July 30th SHDH 1100 Suite
Week 6 July 30th – August 3rd SHDH 1300 Suite
Week 7 August 3rd – August 10th SHDH 1400 Suite
Week 8 August 7th – August 12th SHDH 100, 200 Suites
Week 9 August 11th< – August 18th SHDH 300 Suite
Week 10 August 17th – August 21st SHDH 400 Suite